Specialized in High Voltage Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Production
Shenzhen Cectn Technology Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors. We have high technology and intellectual property of electrolyte formula based on 25 years’ R&D capacity. We are one of the top three suppliers of screw terminal aluminum electrolytic capacitors in mainland China, and we are the unique supplier who can produce 700V super high voltage aluminum capacitors. Our factory has invested almost $10 million which covers 7,500sqm factory area. Our products have been trusted by the industry leaders, our main customers are EMERSON, PCM and more.

Adopting Most Advanced Technology
We use more than 30 imported equipment with the most advanced technology such as large laser welding machine which completes riveting and soldering to double secure the welding strength, GE X-ray machine that detects all interior details in each angle, fully automatic aging equipment that monitors the aging process of each capacitor, large-scale cutting machine which can cut twice bigger than local machinery, less burr and with computer server tracking, the most sophisticated winding machine from Italy, and the sealing machine from South Korea with best reliable and consistent feature in sealing and air tightness. Thus, quality of each output unit is guaranteed.

Meeting ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 Standards
We welcome customized orders. We adhere to the best quality with the best price, thus we are using the best raw material to ensure the good quality. We have strict and perfect quality management system, the most sophisticated testing equipment, and the most advanced testing lab. We also implement ISO 9001:2008 and 14001 guidelines in our operations.

Good Quality Guaranteed
The theory of our factory is concentrated, professional, harmonious and be thankful. Our target is to be the leader of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, depending on our advanced management system, 25 years’ R&D capacity, good quality and the best service.

CECTN Europe is the official supplier of CECTN capacitors for the western Europe Countries.
The company exists since the 90's and is established near Brussels, in the center of Europe.

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